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The KASFAA Listserv is available for use by KASFAA members.
To post a message click the following link:
You will need your Username, Password and current membership.
Please read the following before proceeding.

New security features have been put in place to prevent the spread of viruses and spam.
Please take time to read about the new ListLock system.
  • ListLock was developed as a result of thousands of requests from individuals and institutions whose servers and email were being bogged down by unsolicited spam and virus messages. Institutions have been forced to put stringent restrictions on incoming mail, including rejecting mail with any type of attachment. ListLock addresses those issues.
  • All messages will be posted through the ListLock Submission interface, requiring your Username, Password and current membership.
  • Only text messages will be distributed to the list, eliminating the problem of many institution's servers rejecting messages with attachments. Follow the simple instructions for complete the submission form.
  • To share any files that would normally be included as an attachment, please complete step 2 (optional). Your .doc, .docx, .jpg, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .xls, or .xlsx file can be uploaded by browsing your computer and locating the file. A link to the uploaded file will be automatically included in your email message to the list. The uploaded file will be available for 10 days.
  • When a person receives your message, they can click on the link to view the uploaded file, which can be saved on a person's computer by using their browser's "save as" option.
  • Only messages posted through ListLock will be distributed to the listserv. For security, emails sent directly to the list or replies to the list will be automatically discarded.
  • Please Note: The time until your message actually posts to the list is dependent on the number of messages in the queue on the server. At peak times there may be delays.
  • If you need assistance, contact

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