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  2024 Program (PDF)

Wednesday April 10th
8:30am - 1:00pmBoard MeetingCrane
9:00am -12:00pmExhibitor SetupGPMC Hall
11:00am -5:00pmConference Registration OpenLobby
1:15pm - 2:30pmWelcome:  President Jana Parks and President-Elect Tanya McGee
Keynote Speaker:  Wendy Rohleder Sook


2:30pm - 2:45pmBreak/Visit ExhibitorsGPMC Hall
2:45pm - 3:45pmBreakout Sessions

Payment Plans
Panelists: Denise Varrientos
Dump Truck

"Old MacDonald had a Farm - EEE III EEE III OOO" - Business & Farm Reporting
Presenters:  Dori Roth, Hesston College & Denise Lickteig, Peru State University (NE)
Moderator:  Holly Johnson, Monogram
Steam Roller

Identity Theft
Presenter:  Robb Cummings, Sallie Mae
Moderator:  Ashley Morrow, KHEAA/KHESLC

Fork Lift

Promise Act Scholarship Update
Presenters:  Michele Arellano, Elaine Frisbie & Tammy Garth, Kansas Board of Regents
Moderator:  Kelli Lowe-Heying, Credit World Services

Thriving in Change
Presenter:  Crystal DeLong, Citizens
Moderator:  Craig Poleman, SoFi
3:45pm - 4:00pmSnack Break/Visit Exhibitors
4:00pm - 5:00pmBreakout Sessions

Transcript Changes
Moderator:  Denise Varrientos
Dump Truck

Financial Value Transparency/Gainful Employment
Presenter:  Brenda Hicks, Southwestern College
Moderator:  Robb Cummings, Sallie Mae

Build Me Up, Buttercup - A FAFSA Simplification Vocabulary Builder
Presenter:  Shelby Garner, Casper College (WY)
Moderator:  Chris Campbell, Inceptia
Fork Lift

5 Voices-Come learn how your voice is a "tool" for a brighter future
Presenter:  Trish Runion, Kansas State University
Moderator:  Carin Carstens, ScholrNet
Steam Roller
5:00pmCash bar opensGPMC Hall
5:15pm - 6:15pmNetworking Happy Hour - Birds of a Feather 

4-Year Public SchoolsGPMC Hall

4-Year Private SchoolsGPMC Hall

Community and Technical CollegesGPMC Hall

Associate MembersGPMC Hall
6:15pm Exhibitor introductions, Dinner, Game nightGPMC Hall

Thursday April 11th
8:00am - 12:00pmRegistration Open Lobby
7:45am - 8:45amBreakfastGPMC Hall
7:45am - 8:45amNewcomers BreakfastDump Truck
8:45am-9:45amBreakout Sessions

Payments Compliance:  Best Practices in Higher Education
Presenter:  Arnetta Brown, Transact; Pat Kinlough, Transact
Moderator:  Daphne Ware-Brown, General Revenue Corporation
Dump Truck

Hey...Focus!  Finding Professional and Personal Success through Managing your "Squirrel Moments".
Presenter:  Lou Murray, Earnest
Moderator:  Connie Robinson, RMS-Recovery Management Services, Inc.
Steam Roller

Private Loans:  Best Practices for Processing, Lender Lists and Anything else you want to discuss!
Presenters:  Crystal DeLong, Citizens; Jennifer McGraw, Washburn University
Moderator:  Jeff Daniels, PNC
Fork Lift

Policies & Procedures:  Always Under Construction
Panelists:  Myrna Perkins, Barton County Community College; Angela Zeorlin, Wichita State University; Becca Dobry, Central Community College (NE)
Moderator:  Holly Johnson, Monogram
9:45am-10:00amBreak/Visit ExhibitorsGPMC Hall
10:00am - 11:00amBreakout Sessions

Collection Agency Roundtable
Presenters:  J.R. Berninzoni, Williams & Fudge; Kelli Lowe-Heying, Credit World Services, Inc.; Deborah Rollf, University of Kansas
Dump Truck

FWS Reporting to COD
Panelists:  Tony Tanking, Benedictine College; Tanya McGee, Kansas State University; Jill Lucas, Garden City Community College; Shelby Garner, Casper College (WY)
Moderator:  Jana Parks, Baker University
Steam Roller

Mastering the Art of Emotion Regulation:  Strategies for a More Resilient Nervous System
Presenter:  Mindy Hager, Licensed Professional Counselor, Seasons of Change Counseling
Moderator:  Crystal DeLong, Citizens

Repayment Refresh
Presenter:  Chris Campbell, Inceptia
Moderator: Lena Spencer, Cowley County Community College
Fork Lift
11:00am-11:15amBreak/Visit Exhibitors
11:15am-12:15pmBreakout Sessions

Updates and Trends in the Collection of Student Debt
Presenter:  Chad Echols, Partner, The Frost Echols Firm
Moderator:  J.R. Berninzoni, Williams & Fudge
Dump Truck

VA School Certifying Official 101
Presenter:  Eric Rohleder, SAA Director
Moderator:  Trish Runion, Kansas State University

Directors Panel
Panelists:  Tony Tanking, Benedictine College; Vanessa Flipse, Colby Community College; Myra Pfannenstiel, Newman University
Moderator:  Laura Weiss-Cook, Manhattan Area Technical College

KASFAA Volunteer and Mentorship Discussion
Jill Lucas, Garden City Community College; Cherish Calovich, Baker University; Carol Taul, Baker University
Moderator:  Sarah Stephenson, Southwestern College
Fork Lift

Be Part of the Solution: How to Reduce Financial Aid Barriers Through Intercultural Competence and Communication in Financial Aid
Presenter:  Danielle Sullivan, Johnson County Community College
Moderator:  Daisha Holmes, Johnson County Community College
Steam Roller
12:15pm-1:45pmLunch and KASFAA Business Meeting


1:45pm-2:00pmBreak/Visit ExhibitorsGPMC Hall
2:00pm-3:00pmBreakout Sessions - Birds of a Feather FAMS



ColleagueSteam Roller

PowerFaidsFork Lift

JenzabarDump Truck

3:00pm-3:30pmSnack Break sponsored by Earnest/Visit ExhibitorsGPMC Hall
3:30pmExhibitor Tear-Down
3:30pm-4:30pmBreakout Sessions

VA Billing and Refunds
Presenter:  Eric Rohleder, SAA Director
Moderator:  Donnie Mercer, Butler Community College
Dump Truck

Brain Break!
Hosts:  Daisha Holmes, Johnson County Community College; Crystal DeLong, Citizens 
Fork Lift

SAI Calculations
Presenter:  Danielle Sullivan, Johnson County Community College
Moderator:  Myrna Perkins, Barton County Community College

Helping Kansas Students through Scholarships
Presenters:  Michele Arellano, Linda Oldham Burns, Jamie Whitmore & Tammy Garth, Kansas Board of Regents
Moderator:  Sarah Stephenson

New Director/Aspiring Director
Presenter:  Brenda Hicks, Southwestern College; Vanessa Flipse, Colby Community College
Moderator:  Diana VanDyke, Butler County Community College
Steam Roller
4:40-5:40pmBreakout Sessions

State of KS Collection Agency Discussion (closed to vendors)
Moderator:  Donnie Mercer
Dump Truck

Presenter:  Eric Rohleder,  SAA Director
Moderator:  Dell Holden, Cedar Holdings International Inc
Fork Lift

Cost of Attendance Budgets - Addressing the Housing Issue
Panelists:  Tony Tanking, Benedictine College; Courtney Stensaas, Cloud County Community College; Nicole Casey, Kansas State University
Moderator:  Lou Murray, Earnest
Steam Roller

Professional Judgement Panel
Presenters:  Angela Zeorlin, Wichita State University; Becca Dobry, Central Community College (NE)
Moderator:  Kristi Blevins, Highland Community College
5:40pm  Cash bar and happy hour


6:30pmDinner, Awards Banquet, Induction of OfficersGPMC Hall

Friday April 12th
8:00am - 9:00amBreakfastGPMC Hall
8:15am - 9:15amRMASFAA Update
Presenter:  Becca Dobry, RMASFAA Past-President
KBOR Update
Presenters:  Michele Arellano, Kansas Board of Regents
9:15am - 9:30amQuick Break
9:30am - 10:30amFAFSA Simplification: Lessons Learned and Best Practices
Panelists:  Brenda Hicks, Southwestern College
10:30am -11:30amPrize Drawings and Conference Wrap UpGPMC Hall

Our Sponsors

Keynote Speaker

Wendy M. Rohleder-Sook, J.D.
Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of Pre-Law/Legal Studies
Fort Hays State University

Demolishing Time Barriers to Create Harmony in your Professional and Personal Lives

How frequently do you find yourself exclaiming, whether quietly or with frustration, "I simply don't have enough time!"? In the ever-evolving and fast-paced world of financial aid, time often seems to slip away, leaving many of us struggling to synchronize our personal and professional lives.  Whether you're juggling multiple projects at work or striving to maintain a fulfilling personal life, achieving harmony requires intentional choices and clear boundaries.  Join us for a thought-provoking keynote session where we explore how to dismantle time barriers, providing you with the tools to reconceptualize "time" as priorities and build a bright future.