14 December 2018
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2016 Spring Training Presentations

Presentation Title Presenter(s) Handout
1098T Update Chris Stompanato
150% Sub Usage and Community College Nathan Buche
Anatomy of a Chort Default Rate Diane Borchardt
Cash Management David Bartlett
Consortium and Contracts Chantelle Arnold
David Bartlett
Tony Lubbers
Consumer Information David Bartlett
Federal Update David Bartlett
Financial Literacy Guide to Implementation George Covino
FSA ID Stephen Case
Hidden Treasures of the ISIR Julie Scott
Lois Madsen
Home Run Hand Calcs Katie Starling
Brad Steelsmith

Life Delayed Julie Esau
Life Skills Compendium George Covino
LS-030 Financial Literacy White Paper George Covino
My Royal Experience Anthony Lyons
Repayment Plans 2.0 Diane Borchardt
RMASFAAs Best Practices Lois Madsen
Setoff Presentation Doug Craig
Seven Sides of Leadership Tony Lubbers
Understanding Credit Robb Cummings

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