Summer, 2001

Volume XXXVI, Number 1

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From the President:

Dear KASFAA Members-

Welcome to KASFAA's E-Newsletter. That's right, The Oz-Sociated Press has gone digital. By sending the paper version of our newsletter to the same fate as ye ole financial aid transcripts, KASFAA will reap quite a benefit in reduced mailing/postage costs immediately and in the years to come. If you're like me, you'll also appreciate the trees saved and the convenience of never having to hunt down another "misplaced" copy of The Oz-Sociated Press. Kudos to Chris Johnson (Chair) and Jackie Clark.

Speaking of things digital, you'll notice that KASFAA's website is also undergoing a bit of a transformation. The Electronic Resources Committee will continue to "tweak and tinker" with the organizational as well as aesthetic components of our website throughout this next year. You are encouraged to assist the committee in this evolutionary process. In other words, if you like a particular feature please voice your support. Or, if a specific functionality would assist you in some aspect of our profession, simply drop Mike Weathered (ERC Chair) a line. After all, the objective of our website is to provide our membership with a user friendly, informational tool.

The third electronic endeavor which KASFAA will undertake this coming year will resolve our association's fall election dilemma. Since our state has the privilege of hosting the RMASFAA fall conference this year (Oct. 14-17, Wichita), we will not hold a separate, state fall conference. To elect a new set of KASFAA officers for 2002-03, we will be conducting our election electronically. Consequently, our Association Governance and Electronic Resources Committees have already set out to bring this electronic balloting initiative to fruition. The overall objective will be to hold our election within the first half of September utilizing e-voting. Election results will be announced at the RMASFAA fall conference in Wichita.

Whew! All of the above noted electronic initiatives seem to underscore one theme within our profession - the only constant is change. As a matter of fact, the big "R" is headed our way once more. That's right - "Reauthorization" is slated to come to pass with the next congress in 2003. Ground zero in our little corner of the universe is reauthorization. That is to say, if we, as student aid professionals, find various regulations to be burdensome and devoid of redeeming value, the ball's in our court come reauthorization time. For the upcoming year, I will be a member of NASFAA's Federal Issues Committee. In this capacity I would very much welcome the opportunity to serve as your voice on issues that pertain to federal regulations. I would especially be interested in passing on any proposed fixes to existing problems and/or irritations - just drop me a line or give me a call.

Well that about wraps things up. Despite the numerous changes noted above, I hope you allow yourselves some quality time this summer to be spent with those who matter most to you - you won't regret it.

If I don't hear from you any time soon - I sure look forward to seeing you in Wichita this October.

Take care,

- Robert

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