Fall, 2002

Volume XXXVII, Number 2

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From the President
Letter from Wendy
Training x 3
KBOR Update
Education Credits
ED KC Office Move
Budgeting Resources
Service Attitude
USA Funds Scholarships
College Goal Sunday
Fall Conference Photos

The Oz-Sociated Press is published four times a year by the KASFAA Newsletter Committee:

Anthony Lyons, Chair
Cindy Stanphill
Jack Taylor
Debbie Davis
Lois McCurdy
Valerie Walthall
Michelle Wiesing

The President Speaks (not George W., but Annita Huff, my President)

Annita Huff, KASFAA State President

Here we are - Fall, my favorite season! I think of crispy nights, harvest moons, jack-o-lanterns, beautiful fall leaves, and putting my flower garden to rest.

However, as you well know - we don't rest. Fall is the time for conferences. I had a great time at RMASFAA in Bismarck, ND. The RMASFAA regional conference gives us a chance to check with our peers in other states to see how we are doing. I always come home with new ideas for my office and suggestions for improvement.

What would fall be without our wonderful KASFAA conference? We had great times in Salina visiting, learning, and listening to each other. Our theme was carried out beautifully - "AT THE CROSSROADS Where do we go from here?" We thank our conference committee chaired by Chris Johnson for all their hard work!

Congratulations to our new KASFAA officers! Anthony Lyons - President Elect, Donna Carter - Vice President, and Marla DeJonge - Secretary. You will be enlightened, stretched, and challenged to be the best you can be. And, what a wonderful chance to give back to your profession!

Please don't forget "reauthorization." A Congress that is overwhelmed with priorities needs your personal comments more than ever. We must make our opinions known. I am disappointed that we did not get an extension of the recent loan disbursement relief regulations, but we must keep the pressure on Congress. They will get to this eventually. Most importantly, don't let up! Contact Congress today!

Have a wonderful fall! And, have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Annita Huff
President, KASFAA
Washburn University

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