Summer, 2002

Volume XXXVII, Number 1

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From the President: Annita Huff

Annita Huff, KASFAA State President

I hope you enjoy this E-X-P-A-N-D-E-D KASFAA Summer 2002 Newsletter! Please take note of the committee reports and the many volunteers that comprise our 2002-2003 KASFAA committees.

The KASFAA Board of Directors met May 10th and set the budget for the 02-03 year. Expenses are going up while membership and conference registration fees are remaining constant. Holding fees constant was a conscious effort on the Board's part in order to keep costs down during these tenuous financial times. However, this cannot continue much longer, and I encourage the membership to think about possible increases in the future.

My goals as President this year are

  • 1) a renewed commitment to increased training efforts. The Training Committee has some exciting new offerings this next year. Additionally, our partners in the Kansas City SFA DOE Office have joined our efforts and are offering a special 3 day training session August 13-15 at The Salina Area Technical School;
  • 2) I also asked the Board to formalize KASFAA's efforts to provide mentoring to our neophyte KASFAA members. We have done this with a new Mentor Committee chaired by Diane Lindeman of the KS Board of Regents;
  • 3) I want to dedicate this 02-03 year to increased communication with our membership. I will actively use the KASFAA List Serve to keep everyone informed, and to promote membership involvement in the upcoming reauthorization. Also, we will be looking for ways to improve our KASFAA web page and welcome your ideas and suggestions; and
  • 4) Publish the KASFAA Policy and Procedures Manual on the KASFAA web page for all members to reference. This is our guiding document as we conduct KASFAA business.

Be sure to check out the "Inside KASFAA" button on our KASFAA web page for a complete listing of this year's committee chairs and members. Almost half of our active members are serving on our committees! This is fantastic.

Watch for our on-line KASFAA elections as we elect a new Secretary, Vice-President, and President-Elect. Step forward and volunteer to run for an office. You will get so much more out of KASFAA by serving in an office. If you are interested, contact Robert Gamez at Kansas State University.

Finally, as summer continues to slip away from us, and the heat drones on - think about why we do what we do. We choose to work so hard because we care about serving our students, and providing excellent customer service. Through out all this effort, enjoy the moment! Why? Because YOU help to make a difference one student at a time.

Have a wonderful summer,

Annita Huff, KASFAA President
Washburn University

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