Winter, 2002

Volume XXXVI, Number 3

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Best Practices Symposium
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Chris Johnson

From the President:

Dear KASFAA Members-

It's my pleasure to report that the KASFAA membership is currently 419 members strong. We are very fortunate to count 69 postsecondary institutions and 52 student aid related organizations in our ranks.

KASFAA will also be sponsoring a Support Staff Workshop on March 15th. This year's workshop will provide valued information/tips on the topics of customer service, the legislative history/student eligibility of state aid programs, and infusing humor into the workplace.

Supportive of leadership opportunities, KASFAA is happy to sponsor the attendance of Sandra Ludlum (Wichita State University) to this year's NASFAA annual Leadership Conference (March 3-5).

Of course no discussion of KASFAA's training opportunities would be complete without mentioning the Spring 2002 conference to be held in our state's capitol, Topeka, April 3-5. In addition to training sessions at the conference, this spring's event will "capitolize" on it's proximity to our state legislature. One such state centered feature will be a general session reviewing the much-noted Kansas postsecondary education study (NORED report). Three prominent state leaders will provide commentary and analysis on the findings of the report. Conference organizers have, additionally, orchestrated a period of time at which members will be encouraged to take a trip to the capitol and meet with their respective state legislators.

All work and no play? - That's not the KASFAA way! In addition to the aforementioned professional growth opportunities, this year's spring conference will forever be known as "... that 70s conference." Mood rings, pet rocks, bell bottoms, and a velour Elvis painting...KASFAA conference will never be the same.

I hope the above has provided some insight into the most recent activities within the ranks of the KASFAA membership. Living up to our motto - "Helping to Make A Difference - One Student At A Time."

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Gamez

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