KASFAA Oz-Sociated Press, Winter 2003
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College Goal Sunday

Submitted by Michelle Pursel
Security Bank of Kansas City

The College Goal Sunday Committee and especially this year's site coordinators have been very hard at work gearing up for our big event, scheduled for FEBRUARY 16, 2003. It took some legwork, but Barbara Stapleton, co-chair, was finally able to finalize our 17 site locations for this year. This year we will have 3 sites in Wichita, 3 sites in Kansas City, KS, 4 sites in Kansas City, MO, 1 site in Topeka, 1 site in Dodge City, 1 site in Garden City, 1 site in Junction City, 1 site in Emporia and this year weíve added one site each in Olathe and Pittsburg. We are still in desperate need of volunteers. Anyone who hasnít volunteered yet this year, I encourage you to do so either by visiting the KASFAA web site to obtain a volunteer form or you may contact Connie Corcoran at Emporia State University directly. Aside from the wonderful feeling you get by helping those in need, each volunteer receives an official College Goal Sunday long sleeved denim shirt. Itís only 2 Ĺ hours out of your day, so I encourage all of you to volunteer today!!!!

By the time you read this edition of the Oz-Sociated Press, this yearís site coordinators will already have been busy visiting area high school counselors. It was the committee's hope this year to make personal visits with the high school counselors so that we could share with them the many benefits that College Goal Sunday provides to families. In doing this we are hoping that the counselors will encourage their students to visit one of our 17 sites on the 16th of February 2003. Iíve asked the site coordinators to do a lot of extra work this year that in the past weíve relied on the public relations firm to do. My thought in doing this was two fold, one, cost savings and two, it's my feeling that those of us in the financial aid community can better reach the high school counselors and gain their trust and support for our event. With so many fly by night groups out there trying to reel these families in, I wanted to really set College Goal Sunday apart from those and let the high school counselors and the students and families they support know that we are the real McCoy and the information we are providing is good solid information provided by the EXPERTS for FREE.

If any of you are in contact with high school seniors or high school counselors that are near any of this yearís sites please pass the word on about College Goal Sunday. Besides the free information they will receive there will be scholarship drawings at each site every 30 minutes for $250.00 each. That alone would be worth their trip! There will be brochures and posters available at area high schools very soon. Information is also available on the College Goal Sunday web site, www.collegegoal.org.

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