18 June 2018
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2003-2004 Leadership

Leadership Archive Index

Associate Members
     Don A Wimpelberg, Chair
     Kansas Board of Regents
     Email: don@ksbor.org

     Andy Bracciano, Co-Chair
     Email: abraccia@edfund.org

Association Governance
     Annita Huff, Chair
     Washburn University
     Email: annita.huff@washburn.edu

     Connie Holmes, Chair
     Security Bank of Kansas City
     Email: cholmes@securitybankkc.com

     G Susie Edwards, Co-Chair
     Butler County Community College
     Email: sedwards@butlercc.edu

College Goal Sunday
     Barbara W Stapleton, Chair
     Commerce Bank & Trust
     Email: bstapleton@cbtks.com

     Marion Jones, Co-Chair
     Emporia State University
     Email: jonesmar@emporia.edu

Conference Planning
     Anthony D Lyons, Chair
     Dodge City Community College
     Email: eagle@dc3.edu

     Donna Carter, Co-Chair
     Wichita State University
     Email: donna.carter@wichita.edu

Corporate Development
     Brent L Carpenter, Chair
     Commerce Bank
     Email: brent.carpenter@commercebank.com

     Michelle D Pursel, Co-Chair
     Email: mpursel@edfund.org

Electronic Resources
     Amanda J Peterson, Chair
     University of Kansas
     Email: mandyp@ku.edu

     Carol Williams, Co-Chair
     McPherson College
     Email: williamc@mcpherson.edu

Fiscal Officers
     Judy A Getty, Chair
     Fort Hays State University
     Email: jgetty@fhsu.edu

     Bruce Lopez, Co-Chair
     Credit World Services
     Email: blopez@creditworldservices.com

     Delida Beale, Chair
     First Federal Bank, FSB
     Email: Delida.Beale@FirstFedBankKC.com

     Pam Sanders, Co-Chair
     Coffeyville Community College
     Email: pams@coffeyville.edu

     Brenda Hicks, Chair
     Southwestern College
     Email: bhicks@sckans.edu

     Barbara Edwards, Co-Chair
     Garden City Community College
     Email: barbara.edwards@gcccks.edu

     Cindy Stanphill, Chair
     Wichita State University
     Email: Cindy.Stanphill@wichita.edu

     Amanda Blue, Co-Chair
     Nelnet (National Education Loan Network)
     Email: amanda.blue@nelnet.net

Publicity & Awareness
     Sandra Schroeder, Chair
     Emporia State University
     Email: schroeds@emporia.edu

     M. Elaine Henrie, Co-Chair
     Emporia State University
     Email: henrieel@emporia.edu

     Chris Martindale, Chair
     Kansas State University
     Email: chrism@sal.ksu.edu

     Kelli Hartman, Co-Chair
     Newman University
     Email: hartmank@newmanu.edu

Welcome Project
     Tanya McGee, Chair
     Kansas State University
     Email: tanyap@ksu.edu

     Sylvia Ellis, Co-Chair
     Baker University
     Email: sellis@bakeru.edu

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