18 June 2018
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2008-09 Leadership

Leadership Archive Index
Associate Members
     Laura Schultz, Chair
     Wells Fargo Education Financial Services
     Email: laura.j.schultz@wellsfargo.com

     Kevin L Flowers, Co-Chair
     Email: Kevinf@nslp.org

Association Governance
     Kelly D Hoggatt, Chair
     Manhattan Area Technical College
     Email: kellyhoggatt@matc.net

     Brenda L Meagher, Chair
     Bethany College
     Email: meagherb@bethanylb.edu

     Marion Jones, Co-Chair
     Emporia State University
     Email: mjones@emporia.edu

College Goal Sunday
     David Duncan, Chair
     Wichita Area Technical College
     Email: dduncan@watc.edu

     Lani Johnson, Co-Chair
     Email: lanij@nslp.org

Conference Planning
     Connie Corcoran, Chair
     Emporia State University
     Email: ccorcora@emporia.edu

     Debbi Johanning, Co-Chair
     University of Kansas
     Email: debbij@ku.edu

Corporate Development
     Rebecca L Diskin, Chair
     USA Funds Services
     Email: rebecca.diskin@usafunds.org

     Michelle D Pursel, Co-Chair
     Email: mpursel@edfund.org

Electronic Resources
     Jennifer Hill, Chair
     Washburn University
     Email: jennifer.hill1@washburn.edu

     G Susie Edwards, Co-Chair
     Butler County Community College
     Email: sedwards@butlercc.edu

Fiscal Officers
     Keith R Fitzsimmons, Chair
     University of Kansas Medical Center
     Email: kfitzsim@kumc.edu

     Judtih A Getty, Co-Chair
     Fort Hays State University
     Email: jgetty@fhsu.edu

     Brenda Krehbiel, Chair
     Newman University
     Email: krehbielb@newmanu.edu

     Marcia K Mendez, Co-Chair
     Hesston College
     Email: marciam@hesston.edu

     Kathleen S Blau, Chair
     Garden City Community College
     Email: kathy.blau@gcccks.edu

     Thad A Davidson, Co-Chair
     Emporia State University
     Email: tdavidso@emporia.edu

Publicity & Awareness
     Crystal M Bruntz, Chair
     Fort Hays State University
     Email: cmbruntz@fhsu.edu

     Jamie S. McEwen, Co-Chair
     Washburn University
     Email: jamie.mcewen@washburn.edu

     Brenda Maigaard, Chair
     University of Kansas
     Email: bmaigaard@ku.edu

     Brenda D Hicks, Co-Chair
     Southwestern College
     Email: brenda.hicks@sckans.edu

Welcome Project
     Joseph W Donlay, Chair
     Wichita State University
     Email: joe.donlay@wichita.edu

     Sylvia A Ellis, Co-Chair
     Baker University
     Email: sellis@bakeru.edu

     Tony Lubbers, Chair
     Friends University
     Email: lubberst@friends.edu

     Myra Pfannenstiel, Co-Chair
     Email: myrap@nslp.org

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