2016 Leadership

Association Governance
     Tony Lubbers, Chair
     Friends University
     Email: lubberst@friends.edu

     Committee Members:
     Debbie Brewer - Johnson County Community College
     Connie Corcoran - Not Specified
     Stephanie Covington - University of Kansas
     Brenda D Hicks - Southwestern College

     Lacey Ledwich, Chair
     Wichita Area Technical College
     Email: lledwich@watc.edu

     Committee Members:
     Angela Ashmore - Pittsburg State University
     La'Lisa Coley - Hutchinson Community College
     Snow Havlik - Wichita Area Technical College
     Becca L Page - Hutchinson Community College
     Brooke E Phillips - Wichita Area Technical College
     Stephanie A Swezey - Pittsburg State University

College Goal Sunday
     Linda D Oldham Burns, Chair
     Kansas Board of Regents
     Email: loldhamburns@ksbor.org

     Committee Members:
     Gary L Bateman - Ottawa University
     Julie A Blanken - Pittsburg State University
     Kathleen S Blau - Garden City Community College
     Dianna Bunker - Fort Hays State University
     Jule E. Kirk - Emporia State University
     Diana C VanDyke - Butler County Community College

Conference Planning
     Diana C VanDyke, Coordinator
     Butler County Community College
     Email: dvandyke@butlercc.edu

     Debbie Brewer, Chair
     Johnson County Community College
     Email: debrewer@jccc.edu

     Committee Members:
     Shirley Bader - Fort Hays State University
     La'Lisa Coley - Hutchinson Community College
     Susan Eberwein - Salina Area Technical College
     Cynthia J Kleinsorge - Johnson County Community College
     Lacey Ledwich - Wichita Area Technical College
     Lois E Madsen - Kansas Wesleyan University
     Myra Pfannenstiel - Inceptia
     Katie L Starling - Kansas State University
     Mitzi R Suhler - Sterling College
     Diana C VanDyke - Butler County Community College
     Laura Weiss-Cook - Manhattan Area Technical College

Corporate Development
     Myra Pfannenstiel, Chair
     Email: myrap@inceptia.org

     Committee Members:
     Teresa M Axton - Credit Bureau Services Association
     Diane Borchardt - Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc.
     Kristi K Cole - DJA Financial Aid Services, Inc.
     Darcy Esau - American Student Assistance
     Rebecca Hedrick - Discover Student Loans
     Bruce Lopez - Credit World Services
     John Rhine - National Credit Management
     Laura Schultz - Wells Fargo Education Financial Services

Electronic Resources
     Herbert H Albertson, Chair
     MidAmerica Nazarene University
     Email: hhalbertson@mnu.edu

     Committee Members:
     Robb Cummings - Sallie Mae
     Brandon Winters - Manhattan Christian College

Fiscal Officers
     Shirley Bader, Chair
     Fort Hays State University
     Email: smbader@fhsu.edu

     Committee Members:
     Shirley Bader - Fort Hays State University
     Keith Fitzsimmons - University of Kansas Medical Center
     Judith A Getty - Fort Hays State University
     May S Schumacher - Fort Hays State University
     Mary L Sutton - Kansas State University
     Karen D Thompson - Pittsburg State University
     Denise Varrientos - Wichita Area Technical College

     Tricia L Brothers, Chair
     Tabor College
     Email: triciab@tabor.edu

     Committee Members:
     Shanda DeYoung - Barton County Community College
     Danell Hemel - Colby Community College
     Haley C Lindsey - Pratt Community College
     Danielle Sullivan - University of Kansas

Association News
     Darcy Esau, Chair
     American Student Assistance
     Email: desau@asa.org

     Committee Members:
     Shelbi J Hall - Northwest Kansas Technical College
     Brenda D Hicks - Southwestern College
     Carmela N Jacobs - Manhattan Area Technical College
     Darcy Johnson - Emporia State University
     Marissa K Kouns - Friends University
     Cheryl L Schinze - Johnson County Community College

Publicity & Awareness
     Stephannie DeLong, Chair
     Southwestern College
     Email: stephannie.delong@sckans.edu

     Committee Members:
     Shannon K Davis - Seward County Community College/Area Technical School
     Vanessa M Jones - Colby Community College
     Diane Lindeman - Kansas Board of Regents
     Carlene Morris - Haskell Indian Nations University
     Christal D Williams - Johnson County Community College

     Lois E Madsen, Chair
     Kansas Wesleyan University
     Email: lois.madsen@kwu.edu

     Committee Members:
     Gary L Bateman - Ottawa University
     Sadonia Corns - Wichita State University
     Perry J Diehm - MidAmerica Nazarene University
     Leticia A. Gradington - University of Kansas
     Suzette M Knoettgen - Cloud County Community College
     Anthony D Lyons - Dodge City Community College
     Julie A Scott - Wichita State University
     Angela D Zeorlin - Wichita State University

Welcome Project
     Penny J Nemechek, Chair
     Northwest Kansas Technical College
     Email: penny.nemechek@nwktc.edu

     Committee Members:
     Tisha P Anderson - University of Kansas
     Angela Ashmore - Pittsburg State University
     Ashley L Jost - Johnson County Community College
     Denyc Perez - General Revenue Corporation

     Amy Lackey, Chair
     Highland Community College
     Email: alackey@highlandcc.edu

     Committee Members:
     Pam Feerer - Coffeyville Community College
     Crystal Roach - Southwestern College
     Macklin J Schwartz - Emporia State University

     Nathan Buche, Chair
     Hutchinson Community College
     Email: buchen@hutchcc.edu

     Committee Members:
     Mary C Darnell - Wichita State University
     Elaine Henrie - Emporia State University
     Stephanie A Swezey - Pittsburg State University

Government Relations
     Anthony D Lyons, Chair
     Dodge City Community College
     Email: alyons@dc3.edu

     Tony Lubbers, Co-Chair
     Friends University
     Email: lubberst@friends.edu

     Committee Members:
     Diane Lindeman - Kansas Board of Regents
     Alex Zarchan - Butler County Community College

     Keith Fitzsimmons, Chair
     University of Kansas Medical Center
     Email: kfitzsim@kumc.edu

updated 5.22.19

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