Past Presidents

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2016-17 Debbie Brewer Johnson County Community College
2015-16 Brenda Hicks Southwestern College
2014-15 Ben Kohl
Brenda Hicks
Kansas State University
Southwestern College
2013-14 Tony Lubbers Friends University
2012-13 Stephanie Covington University of Kansas
2011-12 Donna Carter Wichita State University
2010-11 Chris Christensen Johnson County Community College
2009-10 Connie Corcoran Emporia State University
2008-09 Gail Palmer Washburn University
2007-08 Kelly Hoggatt Manhattan Area Technical College
2006-07 Elaine Henrie Emporia State University
2005-06 Myra Pfannenstiel
Elaine Henrie
Friends University
Emporia State University
2004-05 Anthony Lyons Dodge City Community College
2003-04 Chris Johnson University of Kansas
2002-03 Annita Huff Washburn University
2001-02 Robert Gamez Kansas State University
2000-01 Craig Karlin Fort Hays State University
1999-00 Jeanne Mott Baker University
1998-99 Sheldon Woolery Ottawa University
1997-98 Margaret Robinson Southwestern College
Wilma Kasnic Emporia State University
1995-96 Deborah Byers Wichita State University
1994-95 Glenna Alexander Kansas Wesleyan University
1993-94 Karl Metzger Fort Hays State University
1992-93 Jan Eads Labette Community College
1991-92 Larry Moeder Kansas State University
Billie Jo Hamilton University of Kansas Medical Center
1989-90 Janet Dodson Bethany College
1987-88 Larry Prather Bryan Institute
Don Siemsen Manhattan Area Vo-Tech School
1985-86 Robert Thacker
Don Siemsen
Emporia State University
Manhattan Area Vo-Tech
1984-85 Gloria Wright
Robert Thacker
St. John's College
Emporia State University
1983-84 Glenn "Skip" Sharp Northwest Kansas Area Vo-Tech School
1982-83 Dick Koontz Bethel College
1981-82 Gary Schultz Colby Community College
Mike Novak
Gary Schultz
Kansas State University
Colby Community College
1979-80 Walt Kleinsasser Tabor College
1978-79 Gene Love Kansas City Community College
1977-78 Larry Rector Wichita State University
1976-77 Sandy Schlattman
Larry Rector
Benedictine College
Wichita State University
1975-76 Donald Zielke Kansas State University
1974-75 Rex McGugin Dodge City Community College
1973-74 Ronald Yingling Ottawa University
1972-73 Carroll Beardslee Fort Hays State University
1971-72 Jerry Rogers University of Kansas
1970-71 Gerald Bergen Kansas State University
1969-70 Paul Chrisman Wichita State University
1968-69 Alden Bowman Emporia State University
1967-68 Marion McDonald Washburn University
1966-67 Harold Kennedy Kansas State University

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