Who We Are

Our Mission

The Mission of KASFAA is to assist college students in the State of Kansas with accessing the maximum available student financial aid possible through its commitment to training and professional development opportunities for the members of the Association.

Our Vision

The Vision of KASFAA is to be one of the most reliable and valuable resources for student financial aid support in the State of Kansas.

What does KASFAA do?

For Students and Families

  • Help guidance counselors, students, and families navigate the financial aid process
  • Provide annual financial aid training for high school guidance counselors
  • Present Financial Aid Nights at high schools for students and families
  • Advocate for access to education through financial aid programs

For Institutions/Organizations

  • Provide professional development opportunities for financial aid and fiscal offices, including training and an annual conference
  • Maintain a blog and listservs to share information with colleagues from other institutions
  • Advocate for access to education through financial aid programs
  • Provide resources and tools to help communicate with state and federal legislators

For Members

  • Engage in leadership opportunities on the Executive Board and committees
  • Participate in professional development opportunities
  • Apply for a scholarship to attend the regional association's Summer Institute
  • Network with other financial aid colleagues, fiscal officers, and associate members
  • Advocate for improved processes to meet Title IV federal aid compliance requirements

Our Sponsors