KASFAA is a nonprofit association of post-secondary institutions and agencies who are interested in promoting the effective administration of student financial aid in the State of Kansas. The Association has sought to ensure access to post-secondary education for the many students of this state through a variety of efforts in professional development, information dissemination, legislative and regulatory analysis. KASFAA believes that competent and well informed agencies and institutional financial aid administrators are vitally important if students are to receive the financial assistance to which they are entitled as they pursue post-secondary education.

We invite you to visit this website often for the latest information from KASFAA and the world of financial aid.

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We Bid You Adieu, Diane!

Nov 19 2020
A farewell and a congratulations goes out to Diane Borchardt. She will be retiring December 4, 2020. Before she jets off to some amazing places, we thought we would ask her a few questions. What is your current position and … Continue reading →

Femme Finaid: The Wonder Women of the Financial Aid Office

Nov 3 2020
Have you ever looked around and realized how many more women there seems to be in our financial aid offices and/or associations? Why is that? Do we possess some secret hidden power? No, we don't, but perhaps we just utilize … Continue reading →

Happy Financial Aid Day

Oct 21 2020
On October 24, 2011 Timothy Bishop, former representative for New York's District 1, stood up in front of congress in the House of Representatives and gave thanks to all financial aid professionals.          "Mr Speaker, I rise … Continue reading →

Upcoming Events

January 13, 2021

Counselor Training - Financial Literacy

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February 16, 2021

Counselor Training - Financial Aid 102

You’ve managed to successfully get students to complete their FAFSA applications… now w...