KASFAA is a nonprofit association of post-secondary institutions and agencies who are interested in promoting the effective administration of student financial aid in the State of Kansas. The Association has sought to ensure access to post-secondary education for the many students of this state through a variety of efforts in professional development, information dissemination, legislative and regulatory analysis. KASFAA believes that competent and well informed agencies and institutional financial aid administrators are vitally important if students are to receive the financial assistance to which they are entitled as they pursue post-secondary education.

We invite you to visit this website often for the latest information from KASFAA and the world of financial aid.

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Connect with the committee – Association News & Publicity

Apr 8 2020
Here in the Association News & Publicity we publish the news and activities of the Association and let those outside the Association know about our work and what resources we have to offer. The committee manages the blog, Facebook page, … Continue reading →

What does your desk look like?

Apr 6 2020
The new normal for most of is working from home. I am super grateful to be doing so, but this certainly does mean a change of location. Here is our fearless leader’s desk and her most adorable new office mate, … Continue reading →

Brenda Hicks – NASFAA Chair 2020-2021

Apr 1 2020
We are so excited to know that NASFAA will have one of our very own as its upcoming NASFAA Chair!! She will begin this coming summer. Brenda is the Director of Financial Aid at Southwestern College, a private 4-year Liberal … Continue reading →

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